Butterfly Beach-Montecito-California Engagement Session

I absolutely LOVE engagement sessions to the point where I’m daydreaming during my drive thinking about how lovely it is to work with two adults who WANT to be in front of the camera and WANT to share their love story with me! It never get’s old and I get that excited every time!!

I was on my way to meet Allie + Austin for the first time at Butterfly Beach in Montecito, CA. I knew through the contact I had with these two our session would be nothing short of epic!! What I didn’t expect were gail force winds when I arrived…by nature I arrive early, too early most of the time but it allows me to settle in and connect with the space and think about how envision the session to go. Well it was so darn windy I decided to take cover at Four Seasons, Biltmore across the street and think on it under the shelter of their lobby restaurant until they arrived…they were not due for an hour. Almost simultaneously Allie text me and asked about the wind…she knew..I knew but we decided what the heck. They were already ready and I made the drive out, we were going to make the best of our time.

They energetically jumped into their session and this was our first shot…

I began to change my thought process quickly. Use wind to your advantage. Use whatever you have surrounding you to favor your couple because at the end of the day it’s really about the emotion captured and experiencing authentic moments together. We did that…and then some!!!

Toward the end of the session the gail force winds took a break and temperatures cooled, the sky a slight haze and golden glow as the sun faded. Lessons today remind me to stay adventurous, take what comes your way with a smile and make the best of what ya got. And look what we got out of this session…one of my favs.

Allie + Austin were a dream to work with and their connection shines through their images. Their wedding will be this August at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, stay tuned. We know it’s going to be a beauty!

Thank you always for stopping by!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots and words. Your talent Tanya never ceases to amaze me! ❤️❤️❤️

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